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7 Tips for Snuggling into a Healthy, Happy Fall

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Crackling fires. Changing leaves. Giant pots of soup. Pumpkin-spice everything.

Fall is the ultimate season for bundling up with a warm blanket and settling in with a good book. With the longer nights and shorter days, it’s a time for reflection and reinvention, an opportunity to focus on health and happiness. Here are some tips to get your cozy on and have a happy, healthy autumn.

Be a flu fighter. Fall is synonymous with the start of flu season, which can begin as early as October and run as late as May. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends getting a flu vaccine to protect yourself.1 If you’re 65 years old or older, the CDC states that you are at greater risk of developing serious complications from the flu.2 Put your health first and make it a personal goal to get your flu shot by the end of October. And if you haven’t had your annual wellness exam yet, it’s a great time to knock that out, too.

Do as the Danish do. Hygge—pronounced hooga—is the Danish word for getting cozy, comfortable, warm, content. Think about the little things in life that make you want to give yourself a hug—soft blankets and sweaters, scented candles, game nights with friends, movie nights, comfort food, hot chocolate—and stock up for the season.  

Try tracking your health. As the days get shorter, it's natural to start spending more time indoors. That creates an opportunity to learn new skills and delve into technologies that can help simplify and maybe even improve your life. It’s a great time to get into the habit of monitoring your own health by using an app that tracks your steps and activities, sleep and nutrition. If you have more data at your fingertips about your own wellness, it may help you make healthier decisions when it comes to eating and being active.

Challenge your body and mind. It’s easy—almost too easy—to sink into that comfortable chair and wile away the fall night. Which makes it even more important to create some kind of schedule so that you leave home and spend time with others, even if it’s dark and chilly out. Think about skills and activities you’ve always wanted to learn (Dancing? Candle making? Yoga? Creative writing?) and sign up for a class. Check listings at your local library and community college to see if they offer something that appeals to you.

Eat the season. Autumn brings a bounty of deliciousness (not to mention vitamins and fiber) in the form of pumpkins (and other squashes), apples, beets, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and more. Stock up on local, seasonal fruits and veggies and challenge yourself to try out a new recipe. Pumpkin recipes, alone, could keep you busy through winter. Lately, we’re loving pumpkin soup and we’ve even started putting toasted pumpkin seeds in our guacamole for a delightful crunch.   

Clean the house and keep germs at bay. The holidays are approaching and the last thing you want is a winter cold. Make time to do a deep fall cleaning (pay close attention to your kitchen, which may actually be the dirtiest room in your house). When you’re away from home, be sure and wash your hands frequently—it may help keep you from getting sick.

Commit to making healthy choices. You know it’s coming. It happens every year. Candy ads, candy bowls, Halloween candy. Accept the fact that you may be tempted and do what you can to fight temptation. Stock your house with fresh fruits, dried fruits and other snacks that will help satisfy your sweet tooth if a craving sets in. Now is the right time to get in the healthy-eating habit. Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner, and you know what that means!

Do you have any fall rituals to keep happy and healthy? Tell us what they are. 


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