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7 Tips to Help Make the Most Out of Every Day

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If we have one thing in common in this world, it’s this: our time is limited.

That’s why it’s important to be mindful of every moment, and make the most out of each day. Sound like a challenge? It’s easier than you might think, according to Alice Boyes, PhD, author of The Anxiety Toolkit: Strategies for fine-tuning your mind and moving past your stuck points. “We tend to underestimate how much we can accomplish by doing a little bit each day. Spending little parts of each day on whatever feels soul-nurturing to you—hobbies, investing in relationships, physical activity, good food—leads to having an overall sense of your life being on track,” says Boyes.

She shared these tips to help live each day to its fullest.  

Be purposeful and deliberate about your decisions on how you spend your time. Think about what’s important to you, and choose to do that activity. For Boyes, that means staying in touch with her family.  “I record short videos and send it around. That helps me stay connected with family—and I like re-watching the videos, myself,” she says. Other habits she’s developed to make the most of every day include listening to podcasts and watching videos to learn new skills and gain new perspectives, taking a walk most evenings, eating without distractions in order to appreciate the food and prioritizing her to-do list.

Do something every day that will reduce future stress. Think about the regular occurrences that throw you off your game and find a way to work around them. “If your phone constantly runs out of battery and that's stressful, get a backup power pack or a car charger,” says Boyes. “If you like taking photos but your phone is always full, learn how to manage your storage. Try to do something every day that sets you up for having less stress in the future.”

Avoid creating barriers. If there’s something you want to do, pursue it and don’t create excuses, says Boyes. “Someone might think ‘I can't renovate my kitchen because my spouse doesn't want to spend the money,’ she says. “If that's really important to you, you might just have to navigate priorities together first.” 

Do something for yourself that you've been pushing to the side. It’s so easy to let your own needs and wants get overshadowed by others. If there’s something you’ve been wanting to buy, and you can afford it, make it a priority and treat yourself. “You might not be able to do this every day, but use this strategy when you need a pick-me-up,” says Boyes. “Feelings and thoughts follow actions, so when we act like our needs and wellbeing are important, we increase the extent to which we feel and think that way. It's a positive circle.”  

Listen to your body’s natural rhythms. Consider how your body works—i.e. are you a morning or night person?—and go with the flow. Maybe that means taking a nap to be happier, eating a meal at a particular time to be more productive and finding a type of physical activity that energizes you and helps you feel balanced. Examine what you need to operate on an optimal level and do it, says Boyes.    

Identify your top priority each day. Choose one task you wish to complete that day, and do it. “Either the night before, or in the morning, identify your single most important activity for the day,” says Boyes. That may help you feel more satisfied at the end of the day, having accomplished the task at hand.

Keep learning. “There’s a strong link between ‘curiosity’ and feeling a sense of meaning in life,” says Boyes. “Keep learning, whether that's skills, new perspectives or lessons about yourself.” To do that, sign up for a class at the local community college, attend a lecture at your neighborhood library, learn a new language online, pursue a hobby, read a book and keep your mind occupied.

What are some things you do to make the most out of every day?

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