Family & Relationships

Things change as time goes on, and so will you. Share your upcoming dreams and journeys with both old friends and new as you Get Old.

“When are the people gonna come?” my four-year-old daughter asked me as we stared out at the empty street.

“Animals are such agreeable friends,” said the author, George Eliot. “They ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.”

I’d been feeling fatigued and irritable for several weeks – unusual, for me.

Remember the old game, 20 questions? Well we’ve got an idea.

When Christie Mellor’s two sons—now 25 and 19—left for college, she and her husband, Richard Goldman, gave themselves a round of applause.

“Family and friends are our blessings on earth” says Migdalia, and Jimmy, her husband of 37 years, nods in agreement.

Sean Hudson is a Brand Curriculum Development Lead at Pfizer.

How do you feel about getting old?

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