We often find it funny when we misunderstand what someone asks, and we answer a completely different question. But it’s no joke if that often happens to you because of hearing loss.

Think about the last time you encountered someone who was upset. How did you react?

I was recently diagnosed with dry eyes. But my eyes seem to be watery all the time. What would cause that to happen?

No one plans to go to the emergency room. But in a true medical emergency, an ER has the physicians, nurses, expertise, training, tests and equipment that may save your life

Facing a cancer diagnosis alone can add to an already stressful time.

While you can’t always prepare for unexpected illnesses that occur while you’re traveling, you can prepare for many of the common ones that may make a trip less enjoyable — or productive.

If you want the coming decades to include activities like long walks with friends, playing with your grandkids in the backyard and tending to your garden, it’s essential to pay attention to your knees.

How do you feel about getting old?

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