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How to Date Your Husband and Keep The Magic

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Is it just me, or have you noticed that celebrity couples with kids like Brad and Angelina often say that the secret to their successful marriages is date night?

Of course, these are people who have exciting, globe-trotting lives and tons of highly paid help to watch the kiddies, but perhaps they are onto something.

Whether you’re rich and famous, or just like the rest of us, alone time with the one you love is a great way to keep the flame lit or to rekindle what you had once upon a time if you’ve lost it in a haze of life, work, kids, laundry, meal prep and the like. Everyone falls into ruts, but to keep your marriage fresh you need to make time to enjoy each other’s company without distractions.

But how do you do it? It doesn’t take big bucks and fancy restaurants. Here are some tips on how to date your husband to keep the magic:

Go down memory lane.

Revisit special spots from when you were dating. Did you go bowling? Spend hours chatting at a local diner? Drive to a make-out spot? Recreate the fun times you had at the start of your relationship. Re-reading old love letters or emails optional.

Schedule an at-home date.

If you can’t get rid of the kids for the night, make sure there’s no nap time so they’ll go to bed early. Get dressed up, and do so separately, so it’s a surprise when you see each other. Set the table with candles; cook a special meal together, and turn your bathroom into a spa. Text your hubby during the day to tell him what you are looking forward to (verbal sexting can whet the appetite).

Learn something new together.

Maybe you twisted his arm and he’s come to yoga with you, or you’ve watched wrestling with him even if you hate it, but how about trying something that you both want to tackle? Take a series of ethnic cooking classes, learn martial arts or train for a mini-marathon. You’ll have something fresh to talk about and have fun trying something as a team.

Step out of your ordinary.

Instead of chores, next Saturday, take a walking tour in your town; hit a wine-tasting at a local vineyard, challenge him to foosball at a local bar or paint pottery at a local craft store. Just do something together that’s different.

Bottom line: it’s not how often you schedule “date night;” but the idea is to make the effort to connect with your partner and spend some quality time together. And if the romance is retriggered, it will be well worth it.

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