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Sure, you can enjoy getting old in your easy chair, but why would you? Spend your later years having the time of your life on the open road (or sea…or air…).

As a kid, whenever I’d hastily compose a picture of a cycloptic blob or attack an unoffending piece of paper with angry orange scrawl, I’d proudly shove the picture in my mother’s face, already knowing what she’d say.

If all you can think about Monday morning is how quickly your weekend flew by, you might want to consider expanding your horizons a bit in the future.

If you find yourself feeling mentally sharper as the days get longer, warmer and sunnier, that may not be your imagination.

A few days ago I had a moment of sheer panic because I couldn't find a pen.

There’s nothing like the imminent strike of the clock at midnight on December 31 to get us thinking about the fresh year ahead.

Arming yourself with the facts is one way to deal with a fear of flying, but if it hasn’t helped, you’re boarding your flight or sitting in your seat, and you feel that familiar anxiety rising in your chest, try this meditative breathing exercise to relax a bit.

It's time to stop worrying about getting old and start enjoying it.
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