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Lorie A. Parch

Get Old Blogger

Lorie A. Parch is a long-time writer and editor specializing in health, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle content. She's the owner of 828 Communications, a Los Angeles-based consulting and content creation firm. In Lorie's over two decades in national print and online media, she's held staff roles at Yahoo, Time, Inc., Conde Nast, Hearst, American Media, Gruner + Jahr and AOL (UK), among other companies. She's also contributed content to Canyon Ranch, The Ritz-Carlton, Danone, Nestle, Reader's Digest and Rodale and has written for dozens of national magazines and leading websites. Lorie is a recipient of a Knight Journalism Fellowship at the Centers for Disease Control and was nominated for a National Magazine Award.

In late 2013 Lorie founded, a evidence-based site designed to help people who don't like to exercise learn how to do it and (more important!) enjoy it. She completed a yoga teacher training in 2005.

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