Our Mission

Inspiring New Attitudes on Aging

Get Old, developed by Pfizer, fosters a candid discussion about aging through engaging and informative content, hoping to inspire new dreams for new beginnings. After all, we believe your later years should be celebrated. Join us in changing attitudes about getting older.

Why We're Doing This

For over 165 years Pfizer has played a vital role in developing groundbreaking therapies and medicines that have improved health and well being at every stage of life. As a result, people are living longer and in greater numbers - an estimated 10,000 people are expected to turn 65 every day through 2030. However, perceptions of getting old haven’t changed. Younger adults in particular hold negative views, with many fearing loss of memory, sexual ability, and general physical abilities more than those over age 65[1]. Complicating this sentiment is the reluctance of many to discuss aging, constraining our ability as a society to take actions that can help increase the likelihood of a long, active life.

An estimated 10,000 people are expected to turn 65 every day through 2030.”

Pfizer started Get Old to challenge misperceptions of aging and drive new conversations that inspire people of all ages to take action on their own health. Since 2012, Get Old has brought together a community of experts and leading partner organizations to share new insights on a diverse range of aging topics, from new research on chronic conditions to lifestyle changes that help people age well.  

As the campaign enters its fourth year, we remain as focused as ever on using wit and wisdom to inspire everyone to Get Old in new, engaging ways. Aging can be as good a time as ever to begin new dreams and adventures. Over the coming year, we’ll be launching a host of digital and physical activities to help demonstrate how you can take actions today to get ready, get set, Get Old.

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[1] http://www.pewsocialtrends.org/2009/06/29/growing-old-in-america-expectations-vs-reality/

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