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Our Mission

Get Old is a Pfizer initiative to encourage people of all ages, everywhere, to talk openly about how, and how well, we will age -- and to do something about it.

Why We're Doing This

Today, more people are living more years than at any other time in history. By 2050, the number of people aged 60 or older will double, to more than 2 billion globally. 1

This age wave will profoundly shape our lives. The health decisions you make today may shape your quality of life for decades to come. And medical innovations – many available today, and many more on the way—may dramatically change the aging trajectory for individuals and their societies. It’s critically important—now—to discuss aging head on – yet fears, myths and stigmas too often hamper dialogue and clear thinking and action. 

“Get Old” has a purposefully provocative name– to push us out of obsolete ways of talking (or avoiding talking) about the potential and challenge of aging. On the question of why Pfizer, a biopharmaceutical company, is jumping into the conversation, the answer is simply stated: Our drive is medical innovation, and such innovation is essential not only to adding years to our lives but also to enjoying better health and vitality throughout those years. Through Get Old, we encourage you to learn more about what aging now means and will mean, and take the actions that may give you, and those you love, opportunities to “increase your life EXPECTancy.”

1. World Health Organization, Ageing and Health

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