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Why Sex Can Be Better When You're Older

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Remember your awkward first time? Men and women aged 55 or over have may have had 30 years to perfect what they’re doing. Plus, they know their partner's likes and dislikes from years of practice. Sex can be great in your retirement years, and here’s how and why.


You listen and adjust as your bodies needs and wants change

While you know how your partner likes to be touched, bodies change over the years. This fact isn’t just for when you are aging, but is also true for women who have had babies and for people of both genders who have had sports injuries. On one hand, injuries and age means certain positions may be a bit harder. However, positions are less important than learning how to massage those sore spots and make your partner feel better all around.

Couples are willing to talk about their sex lives and still experiment

Seventy five percent of 57- to 85-year-old men and women who responded to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine about their sex lives said they were willing to discuss acts performed within their sexual repertoire, how often they were having sex, and problems they were experiencing. The response rate is important because good communication can have a positive impact on both sex lives and potentially overall health if the respondents also discuss health issues with their partner.

Women are likely to orgasm into their 80s

In a University of California San Diego study of women who are 40 years of age or older, two-thirds of participants reported that they were moderately to very satisfied with their sex lives, even into their 80s. Women on both the younger and oldest ranges of the survey experienced highest rates of orgasms. Also, over 90 percent of sexually active women reported good health.

The bottom line and all-around terrific news is that sex can be wonderful as people age, especially if women and men communicate actively with their partner, remain open to sexual experimentation with their partner, and take care of their overall health.

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A Study of Sexuality and Health among Older Adults in the United States

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