Is it time to retire the word “retirement”? The coinage dates back to the 1600s and the Middle French “retirer,” meaning “retreat” or “withdraw.”

Jed Levine likens the experience of caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia to an ongoing mourning process: the person is there, but parts of them are fading. “It’s very painful,” he says.

In 2007, Janette Thomas, now 63, founded Cell Dogs with the mission, she says, of providing second chances.

Family caregivers have a big job. Whether you’re, a spouse, a parent, an adult child, or a close family friend, taking care of someone comes with a host of responsibilities – and rewards.

You’re probably already familiar with the importance of eating enough fiber — doing so might help reduce the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and colon cancer, among other benefits.

Achy joints? These expert-approved stretches will make you feel so much better.

It's time to stop worrying about getting old and start enjoying it.
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