Ask any financial advisor (or grandparent) and they’ll tell you the same thing—it’s never too early to start planning for retirement.

I recently came across a beautiful poem, “Heaven,” by Patrick Phillips, and it got me thinking about the future. Not the temporal future, but the spiritual future – what some call the afterlife.

When Bebe Fitzgerald began working as a volunteer for the Audubon Society at age 53, it was something of a lark. But the resident of Billings, Montana, kept volunteering for three decades until her death at age 83. On one of her last birding trips, she admitted that she couldn't spot birds quite as easily as she used to, but she still provided invaluable assistance to a group of novices who didn't know their grackles from their grebes.

Technology is advancing at a head-spinning pace. It seems like only yesterday that we were seeing ads on the television for something called the Internet.

If you’re like most people you probably feel you don’t have enough willpower.

The driver ahead of you is too busy texting to notice the light has turned green.

How many more times will you be able to do the things you love as you get old? There's one place to find out, and it's here.