In his 73 years, Tom Wandel – my dearest childhood friend growing up in Omaha, NE – has seen more than his fair share of ups and downs.

For dentists, sugar can be something of a public enemy. For pediatric dentists, perhaps even more so.

The pleasures of summer fade too quickly for many of us. We can’t prevent temperatures from dropping or command the sun to remain out until 8 pm as the weeks go by.

The Mediterranean diet, with its emphasis on plant-based foods and healthy fats, has long won praise as a healthy way to eat.

Many grandparents dream of doting on their grandchildren well into their golden years. But that dream may be upended by a crisis in the family that places them back in the parental role of their own grandchildren.

My vegetable garden is flourishing this summer. I’m looking forward to a bumper crop of tomatoes and bushels of figs. My basil plant has grown to the size of a small bush, rivaled by the abundance of the nearby pot of mint.

Jeannie Sanders spends a great deal of time outside of her comfort zone. It’s there, she feels, she experiences joy and grows the most.

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